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I have a mootools script:

Form.Validator.add('UniqueEmail', {
   errorMsg: 'Email is taken',
   test: function(element, props) {

      var valid = false;
      if (element.value.length > 0) {

         site.request(app, {'action':'account.email', 'email':element.value}, function(r){ 
           valid = parseInt(r.istaken) != 1 ? true : false;             

         return valid;

/Server returns: {"status":1,"istaken":0}/ But input field verification : failed. Where is a problem? Thanks.

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Does site.request do the following: 1. application/json -> through JSON.parse so r is an object - else you may always be doing NaN != 1 => true or throw reference for istaken. if it's 0/1 returned and is object, you don't need to typecast it. just valid = !!r.istaken;; 2. run XHR with async: false, blocking the validator until a response has been reached? post the source of site.request and the value of the app object(?) that configures it etc - or at least give an overview –  Dimitar Christoff Feb 27 '14 at 12:03

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Your request callback function (the function that processes the server response) is run asynchronously, but the validation function returns the value of "valid" (false) immediately.

When the callback function runs (i.e. after the server responds) the Form.Validator.add() function has already finished executing and the field has been marked as invalid long ago.

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