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I am using swagger for documenting my Play-Scala application.

My controller is as below:

@Api(value = "/people")
class PersonController {
  import JsonFormats._

  @ApiOperation(response = ?????, responseContainer = "Array", httpMethod = "GET")
  def showPeople(...) = Action {
    // Code here..to get persons of type List[Person]

    val json: JsObject = Json.obj("people" -> persons)

My JsonFormats.scala is as below:

object JsonFormats {
  implicit val personFormat = new Format[Person] {
    def writes(person: Person): JsValue = {
        "fName" -> person.name.fName,
        "lName" -> person.name.lName,
        "age" -> person.age)


My model classes are as below

case class Person(name: Name, age: String) {
  gender: String

case class Name {
  fName: String,
  lName: String,

Question: What to specify at @ApiOperation's response param in my controller, so it displays the json response structure as expected format (as below), in swagger-ui.

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FYI, your json is not valid –  serejja Feb 27 at 7:57
updated, thanks. –  Vinay Feb 27 at 9:05

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This a sample to do that :

    value = "Get a content type by its name",
    notes = "Returns a content type",
    response = classOf[models.ContentType],
    httpMethod = "GET"
    new ApiResponse(code = 404, message = "Content Type not found")

In this case, models.ContentType is case class.


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My service response is not exactly in the same structure that a model class specifies. It is being modified using JsonFormat just before sending to client. –  Vinay Feb 28 at 4:08
Accepting your answer, as I understood that swagger can not predict the response from implicit object. So, the only way is to use a case class or class as response model. –  Vinay Mar 12 at 14:36

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