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I would like to be able to open a simple program I have written with the editor Canopy (from Enthought) without opening the editor itself, only with a double click on something.

I work on a mac.

I tried to go with: right-click + get info + open with... + "python launcher". But it doesn't work. I don't know if it is because my program uses Canopy specific packages like Traits and TraitsUi. Thanks a lot for any help! Bye!

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Normally you should use the terminal

$python yourpgrogram.py

If you really need to double-click try pyinstaller to make a bundled app.

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Yeah... i just saw that i wrote a stupid question. I edit it now. I wanted to say: open with a simple double-click. Without opnening anything else XD Thanks anyway! –  user3094864 Feb 27 at 8:54
Make an app with pyinstaller, when you make a bundled one it should work just like a normal OSX app. –  triggertoast Feb 27 at 8:55
Thanks a lot! I'll try! –  user3094864 Feb 27 at 8:58

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