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What I need is javascript-based WYSIWIG HTML editor (so users could create headers, lists, tables, insert images, do some easy formatting).

TinyMCE was good enough, but now I have a requirement to edit formulas as well. There is WIRIS plugin that does the job, but in a strange way using images and server-side code. I'd like to see MathML rendered by MathJax or similar thing inside the TinyMCE or other editor.

In other words, there are number of good editors for only formulas and for only HTML but I need to have a nice mix.

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You can save MathML instead of images setting WIRIS plugin to work in Full MathML mode: http://www.wiris.com/plugins/docs/full-mathml-mode

Full MathML is the default mode of our latest beta release: http://www.wiris.com/plugins/download.beta

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