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In http://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/send-using-sdk-java.html there is an explanation on how to send emails via AWS-SES. It refers to access_key and secret_key. But what I have is SMTP Username and SMTP Password that I have generated on the portal.

Currently my code is as follows:

AWSCredentials credentials = new BasicAWSCredentials(accessKey, secretKey);
AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient client = new AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient(credentials);

The constructor for AmazonSimpleEmailServiceClient takes AWSCredentials but NOT the smtp credentials. Any idea on how to use the SMTP credentials?

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Use JavaMail as the transport for Amazon SES SMTP. Instructions and sample code for using the SMTP endpoint are also provided in the Amazon SES documentation.

Use the SDK if you intend to send email via the Amazon SES API.

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