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I am writing an WPF application using .NET 4.0. I have a grid and inside of it I have a popup window. I implement a dragging behavior for this pop up and resizing. My XAML code looks like this:

<Grid x:Name="MyGrid" >
<Popup PlacementTarget={Binding ElementName="MyGrid"} Placement=RelativePoint />

On my PC everything is working o.k, but when I am checking it on my laptop (which by the way has on it .NET 4.5) its not working well, the popup is not in it's right location.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Can you explain or provide a screenshot of the two different behaviours? –  Saverio Terracciano Feb 27 at 10:18
I don't know how can I add screenshot but I will try to explain more. On My PC, The popup appears on the left upper corner of the Grid, and on my laptop it appears left to the upper left corner. Meaning all the relative issues is behaving differenty –  user3359867 Feb 27 at 10:23

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