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I am new to open CV so currently struggling with it. I have extracted HOG features using following definition:

HOGDescriptor hog(Size(16,16), Size(16,16), Size(16,16), Size(8,8), 9);

It returns 36 dimensional feature vector / pixel. Now I want to separate all these 36 values in a row and save it in text file. I don't know how to do it. Please do guide me.

Thanks in advance.

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After you compute the features, i.e. descriptors by cv::HOGDescriptor::compute, it's a vector<float>, so just access it like normal vector<float>s.

And if you want to split them into 36-by-36 style, you can do like this:

for (int i=0; i<descriptors.size()/36; i++)
    // ... handle 36 values here
    for (int j=0; j<36; j++)
        if (36*i+j < descriptors.size()) // make sure not out-of-bound
            float temp = descriptors[36*i+j];
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Thanks a lot for your answer. I need to get first 36 values then next 36 and so on ...is their anything in open CV like descriptors(1:36) (as its in Matlab)? –  user3319734 Feb 27 at 10:56
@user3319734 I found one way to do this, check out here. Or simply use a for-loop. –  herohuyongtao Feb 27 at 10:59
could you please write a for loop for that? –  user3319734 Feb 27 at 11:07
@user3319734 Check out the updated answer. –  herohuyongtao Feb 27 at 11:11
Thanks a million –  user3319734 Feb 27 at 11:12

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