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i need to load test a web application (oracle forms) which is designed using javascript and plsql. While recording in jmeter, it records the script til login. But all the actions i perform after login are not recorded. I tried several times. Any help is appreciated. Oracle forms version : Jinitiator version : 1.7.0 Oracle Database version: 11.2

Thanks in Advance.

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It looks like that it's possible to test Oracle Forms driven applications with JMeter, see How To Load Test OAM11g using Apache JMeter for details and sample test plan.

There is also a Google Chrome Extension which allows recording of JMeter scripts right from Chrome web browser, it may be worth giving a try.

However I don't think that record-and-replay will do the trick for you as Oracle Forms applications assume a lot of correlation so you'll need to familiarize yourself with "Extractor" Post Processors

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