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I want to find a search term in a given word. So we're speaking Regex.
The order of the letters is important, but I want to allow letters between each of the search term's letters.

An example: the german word seitenschneider contains the word seide in at least two ways:

word:    seitenschneider
match 1: xxx.........xx.
match 2: ......x...xxxx.

I want to find the result with the least possible letters, so in this case I'd go with match 2.
Is there a way to do this with regex?

I tried making the wildcards ungreedy but didn't receive the desired result:

=> ["seitenschneide"]

What I want to achieve is:

=> ["schneide"]

I'd also be happy with something like

=> ["seitenschneide", "schneide"]

cause I can find the shortest word in there by myself.

Any hints on how to get there?

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For your second question:

# => ["seitenschneide", "schneide"]

Getting the shortest one using the regex above:

# => "schneide"
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