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I need to watch a specified folder for specific type of file (pdf) and get notification only when file is "Created" or "Renamed". I tried many Obj c wrappers like SCEvents, UKKQueue etc., I could not get the type of the event raised("Created" or "Renamed") inside the notification delegate.I am just getting a flag/some#.I also tried FSEventStream which was not raising callback.Refered URL for this:OSX FSEventStreamEventFlags not working correctly.

In SCEvents, I have below delegate which is not telling me the type of event-

- (void)pathWatcher:(SCEvents *)pathWatcher eventOccurred:(SCEvent *)event {

    NSLog(@"%@", event);

Getting below log-

2014-02-27 16:41:59.342 PMLauncher6[5187:303] <SCEvent { eventId = 661674, eventPath = /Users/Test, eventFlag = 67584 } >

Any one has any idea on the same or better way to meet the requirement, kindly advise.


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Try NSWorkspace - noteFileSystemChanged:.

The documentation doesn't tell much about it, but as a Notification that "Informs the NSWorkspace object that the file system changed at the specified path." it should fit to your needs.

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Looked at NSWorkSpace documentation. Looks like all of these methods seems to be depricated... Deprecated in OS X v10.6. Use the FSEvents API described in FSEvents Reference instead.) developer.apple.com/librarY/mac/documentation/Darwin/Reference/… Any other advise? –  Ramaprasad Upadhyaya Feb 27 '14 at 14:53
You're right, some are, but "noteFileSystemChanged:" is still alive. Watch the ":" please. Haven't worked with FSEvents. –  macrene Feb 27 '14 at 16:12
Thanks. Do you have any usage example for the same? How to get the callback/delegate when folder is changed. –  Ramaprasad Upadhyaya Feb 28 '14 at 4:51

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