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I am trying to integrate sitemesh 3 with spring mvc and freemarker. Following are my configurations




I have a sitemesh3.xml in WEB-INF folder where I have defined a decorator path

<mapping decorator="/WEB-INF/template/main-decorator.ftl"/>

For the decorator to work, I had to add the following in my servlet-context.xml. This line assumes the template as a static content rather than rendering through the spring mvc controllers

<resources mapping="/WEB-INF/template/**" location="/WEB-INF/template/" /> 

The above setting works fine the ftl's are decorated with the decorator. HOwever, I cannot have any freemarker tags inside the decorator. I guess this is due to the fact that the decorator itself is not being passed to the FreemarkerViewResolver due to the resource mapping above.

Is there a way to get freemarker tags in my decorator to work ?


Update: When I map the freemarker decorator as a spring view-controller, I am able to get the freemarker tags inside the decorator working.

<view-controller path="/decorator/main-decorator" view-name="main-decorator" />

The corresponding entry in sitemesh3.xml is

  <mapping path="/*" decorator="/decorator/main-decorator"/>

The above works with the main decorator being treated as ftl wheres now the problem is I can access the main decorator directly from URL as in


Is there a way to prevent this?

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