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I'd like to add a label to a wicket panel where the label's model is an enum value. Based on the value of that enum, I'd like to display a different message pulled from the page's properties file.

For example, here's an enum:

public enum ApprovalType { UNAPPROVED, APPROVED, BLOCKED };

I can easily add a label to the panel that has this enum as its model:

add(new Label("approval", new Model(ApprovalType.APPROVED)));

However, this will simply output UNAPPROVED, APPROVED, or BLOCKED. I'd like to output a localized message that is selected based on the value of this enum.

So if I have this properties file, what's the best way to get these messages to output?

UNAPPROVED=Your membership is currently pending approval
APPROVED=Your membership has been approved
BLOCKED=You have been blocked from membership

I can get it working like this:

add(new Label("approval", new ResourceModel(ApprovalType.APPROVED.name());

But the problem is that ResourceModel only accepts a string (resource key). I'd like to pull the value of the resource key automatically from a model (preferrably a CompoundPropertyModel). In other words, I don't want to do this:

Member member = (Member) getDefaultModelObject();
add(new Label("approval", new ResourceModel(member.getApproval().name())));

I'd rather do something like:

add(new EnumLabel("approval");  // assuming I have a CompoundPropertyModel

Is there a component that does this that comes with Wicket? Or do I need to write my own?

Lastly, I discovered this also works:

add(new Label("approval", new StringResourceModel(
    new PropertyModel<ApprovalType>(getDefaultModel(),"approval")

But this seems overly verbose, and still doesn't utilize the simplicity of using CompoundPropertyModel.


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Not sure if this 'll work, but maybe you could try writing your own EnumModel class that takes the value of an Enum and returns a ResourceModel value..

Please say so if the above isn't clear enough, I'll try to elaborate.

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Yeah, that's probably the right direction to go. I found a detailed example (wicketbyexample.com/enums-internationalization-with-wicket) of using enums and internationalization that goes over this specific problem. But the solution is so verbose, I was really looking for something lighter weight. If you could elaborate on your EnumModel, it would help. –  Tauren Feb 5 '10 at 22:34
The EnumPropertyModel mentioned in the article you're referring to comes pretty close to what I would have tried.. Are you sure it can't be simplified/made to work with a CompoundPropertyModel? I'm not too familiar with the inner workings of Wicket to know if this is possible at all.. –  Tim Feb 5 '10 at 23:09

Maybe this article helps you.

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