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I have written a node.js server.
I am able to extract the HTTP POST and GET variable from the request.
I would like to pass those variable to the js script on the server to be executed.
In PHP to execute a script I would just point to it @ www.example.com/path/file.php?variable=value

<?php echo "You have ".$_GET['variable'];?>

I want to achieve the same with noge.js @ www.example.com/path/file.njs?variable=value
My problem is the file.njs is executed as a text. I am not using express, a solution without it would be appreciated.

 var sys=require("sys"),
 head=require("./node_modules/headers/initreq.njs");//this is used to extract the header
 http.createServer(handler).listen(80);//handler function is below
 sys.puts("Node Server Running on 80");

 function handler(request,response){
    var myPath=url.parse(request.url).pathname;//get the url
    var ext=myPath.replace(/(.)*\./,'');//get the extension
    var fullPath=path.join(process.cwd(),myPath);//get the working dir & join it with current working dir
    var mimeResult=mime.lookup(fullPath),acceptExt=['html','njs'];  

    if(acceptExt.indexOf(ext)!=-1){//only search HTTP header for html|njs files
        head.init(request,response,setContent);//head will correctly contain the $_GET AND $_POST variable
    } else {setContent();}  

    function setContent(){
                response.writeHeader(404, {"Content-Type":"text/plain"});
                response.write("404 Not Found:: "+fullPath+"\n");
                        response.setHeader("Content-Type", mimeResult);
                        response.write(file,"binary");//this is the file that i want to execute and pass the $_POST & $_GET variable
   sys.puts("Requested:: "+myPath.replace(/(.)*\//,'')+" - "+mimeResult );   
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The XY problem meta.stackexchange.com/questions/66377/… –  David Feb 27 '14 at 12:38
okay @David granted I am thinking like a php developer. How would this be solved then? am wrong to think node.js can be used like PHP –  fredtma Feb 27 '14 at 12:42

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Lets say you have a URL parameter named variable. I think this would work:

var parameters = url.parse(request.url, true);
var variable = parameters.variable;

I haven't used node.js in a while, but I'm pretty sure this works.

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I don’t know what your code chunk is supposed to do, but here is a basic Hello World for you that prints out a get parameter:

var http = require('http');
var url = require('url');

var server = http.createServer(function (request, response) {
  response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type": "text/plain"});
  var params = url.parse(request.url, true);
  response.end("You have " + params.query.variable);


Now just visit

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In summary what I wanted to achieve is use node.js like PHP.
to execute a PHP file like
With node.js
The solution I have come up with is to make the requested javascript into a module and include it with the function require.

   var myPath=url.parse(req.url).pathname;//get the url
   var fullPath=path.join(process.cwd(),myPath);//get the working dir & join it with current working dir
    require(fullPath).content(req,res);//this is where the requested script is executed as a module. make sure to end the response (response.end()) in the module

Though not thoroughly tested this solution works for me and I can use it even for dynamic pages.

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