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I moved by mistake a issue from not started to DONE. Is there a way to move back the issue?

I would rather let it "in progress".

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The answer is yes, but you may have to customize your workflow to add a transition from the DONE status to another status. Make sure to clear the resolution using a post function so that your issue key is not marked with a strike through

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Yes! Or no, or maybe :)

It depends on your issue type's workflow, but you can usually re-open the issue and set it to in-progress.

This, of course, may also be dependent on

  1. What version of JIRA you're using
  2. If you're using GreenHopper/JIRA Agile
  3. If you have a custom issue workflow/lifecycle
  4. What your user permissions are.

Any additional details about your JIRA instance might be helpful! Is it a hosted ( ala Atlassian on-demand ) or on-prem, etc.

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