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i developed a qt-project on Qt Creator for Mac OS. Now i want to import this projekt on Windows (Qt Creator, Compiler, libs are already installed).

Compiling the project already works. But when running, it crashes. On Mac I changed some classes in the UI (Qt Creator). So I did the same on Windows. But it still crashes. I also tried to copy the ui_mainwindow.h from Mac to Windows. Doesn't work.

I remembered, that I added some slots in the UI (Qt Creator) to make buttons functional. And only the mainwindow.h and mainwindow.cpp changed (in my gitHub version). But usually you have to add connect(SIGNAL ... SLOT ...) to add functionality to Buttons. So I searched for this functions, and found their names in moc_mainwindow.cpp

And this moc_mainwindow.cpp file is also on windows, but contains different stuff (not my in Mac UI added slots). And when copying my project from Mac to Window the folder doesn't contain moc_mainwindow.cpp. So it has to be build by the system.

Does anybody know how to get the SLOT information from my Mac project to the moc_mainwindow.cpp on Windows. And is the changing of this file enough or do I have to change also other files to get my project work on Windows?


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you need to run qmake on the .pro file and run make on the generated files

in qCreator you can do this in the build menu

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