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I have a school project about how people who don't use the latin alphabet use the internet (like russians or chinese). How do they enter urls or e-mail adresses, and how do they write HTML without a latin keyboard?

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Here a Wikipedia Link

They have extra keyboard layouts, because the internet was invented in america everyone is using the american standarts, so the urls are in latain but the text on the sites they are surfing is in their language as our sites are in our language.

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most keyboard are QWERTY keyboard regardless of nationality, But the OS usually has ways of converting the written language. like in china for example: windows has a sub-program that runs when you type and gives you options of the Chinese character you want.

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i should probably add; I once saw an arabian keyboard that was QWERTY, but it had a little red arabic character on each of the keys, so when you have a language pack installed those characters represent the place on the keyboard. – 173901 Feb 27 '14 at 13:39

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