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I would like to write a piece of VBA code that would allow me to copy/move (doesn't matter) all Files (only all *.zip and *.csv) from one Directory (including subfolders, C:\SrcPath) to another specific Folder (C:\DestPath).

After that I would like to unzip all the .zip files in the C:\DestPath and Delete Everyfile except all *.dat (Zip File always includes more files but only one *.dat file) or *.csv files. (also delete the just moved zip files)

I couldn't find anything online that fits my specific problem. I'm new to the VBA world so sorry if that's an rather funny question.

Thanks in advance for help!

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Look into the Dir() function and FileSystemObject both should be able to do what you are looking for. –  user2140261 Feb 27 at 16:24
Thanks that's exactly what I needed! –  user3360638 Mar 3 at 14:07

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