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I'm using full calendar jquery plugin for creating a timetable with the following code

$("#calendar").fullCalendar {
 defaultView: 'agendaWeek'
 hiddenDays: [0]
 axisFormat: 'HH:mm'
 minTime: '8:00'
 maxTime: '22:00'
 selectable: true
 agenda: 'h:mm{ - h:mm}'
 eventColor: '#00CCFF'
 eventBackgroundColor: '#00CCFF'
 defaultEventMinutes: 60
 editable: true
 DurationEditable: true
 allDayDefault: false
 droppable: true
   week: 'ddd'
 eventResize: (event,dayDelta,minuteDelta,revertFunc) ->
   alert event
 eventDrop: (event,dayDelta,minuteDelta,allDay,revertFunc) ->
     url: "/events/#{event.id}"
     type: 'PATCH'
         'start' : event.start
         'dayDelta' : dayDelta
         'minuteDelta' : minuteDelta
     success: (data) ->
 drop: (date, allDay, jsEvent, ui) ->
   copiedEventObject = {}
   copiedEventObject.start = date
   copiedEventObject.title = $(this).text()
   copiedEventObject.data_id = $(this).attr 'data-id'
   copiedEventObject.data_type = $(this).attr 'data-type'
   copiedEventObject.slotMinutes = Number($(this).attr('data-duration')) * 60
   copiedEventObject.allDay = allDay
   $('#calendar').fullCalendar('renderEvent', copiedEventObject, true);
   $.post '/events', { 'event' : { 'title' : copiedEventObject.title, 'start' : copiedEventObject.start, 'data_id' : copiedEventObject.data_id, 'data_type' : copiedEventObject.data_type } }, (data) ->

 eventSources: [ "/events/?courses=#{courses}" ]
 header: {
   left: '',
   center: '',
   right: ''
timeFormat: 'H(:mm)'

In my controller I have to add 5 hours and 30 minutes to the time I get from javascript.

def create
case params[:event][:data_type]
when 'lecture'
  parent = Lecture.find(params[:event][:data_id])
when 'tutorial'
  parent = Tutorial.find(params[:event][:data_id])
when 'lab'
  parent = Lab.find(params[:event][:data_id])
params[:event][:start] = DateTime.parse(params[:event][:start]) + 5.hours + 30.minutes
event = parent.create_event(event_params)
if event then parent.update_attribute(:scheduled,true) end
render nothing: true

If I dont do this the event when rendered on the calendar appears to be 5 hours and 30 minutes behind the time where I dropped it. Why is the problem cropping up.please help

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RoR uses the server time, Javascript uses the client computers time, there's no guarantee that they are the same. Then there's local times etc. If you need the times to match, get the servertime and use that in both. –  adeneo Feb 27 '14 at 13:41
Try setting your timezone in the environment.rb in config? Also, this page might help you link –  user3334690 Feb 27 '14 at 13:42
Thanks for the suggestion guys.cheers. –  Akshay Takkar Feb 27 '14 at 13:58
@adeneo Can you please explain this part "If you need the times to match, get the servertime and use that in both.". The date/time is being generated dynamically based on what part of the calendar I drop the event on. –  Akshay Takkar Feb 27 '14 at 14:00

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