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Hey, anyone knows a jQuery plug-in for text zoom a-la MAC OS X "Large Type" function in Address Book? I'd use it for the same situation - to show full-screen phone number after clicking on it.


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A picture (or link to a picture) of the functionality wanted might help here. – Ed Woodcock Feb 5 '10 at 12:24
Here's an example: – cocoapriest Feb 5 '10 at 15:22
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I recently extracted a jQuery plugin out of an application I'm building that does exactly this.

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waw, that's perfect! – cocoapriest Mar 15 '10 at 8:51

You can use jQuery BlockUI plugin to create this kind of "Large Type" effect. Check samples and use custom css to show ph. numbers.

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Try looking for tooltip plugins - they would do well in Your case I think, but...

I suggest DIY

Just write yourself a plugin that does this:

  1. append a div to body
  2. give it a class that You use to css the thing well
  3. puts $(this).text() into the new added div (so You have to keep the reference ;) )
  4. binds onclick that will destroy the covering div

tips: var thething = $('').addClass('mysomething').appendTo('body'); //works nice

.thething{ position: fixed; top: 200px; left: 200px; opacity: 0.8; something something filter something alpha something 80 for IE7 even more something something that You need to google filter something alpha something 80 for IE8 }

and it works ;)

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