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I'm trying to code a game with Allegro 4 and I've hit a weird bump. The linker is claiming an undefined reference to the destructor in two of my classes, but I've done nothing with it. What could be the issue? Here is my code:


    #pragma once

#include <allegro.h>

struct Rectangle
       int x;
       int y;
       int w;
       int h;

typedef enum {
} EntityType;

class Entity
              EntityType m_EntityType;
              BITMAP *m_Sprite;
              int m_Score;
              int m_X;
              int m_Y;
              Rectangle *m_Hitbox;

             virtual ~Entity() {destroy_bitmap(m_Sprite);}

             BITMAP *GetSprite() {return m_Sprite;}
             int GetScore() {return m_Score;}
             int GetX() {return m_X;}
             int GetY() {return m_Y;}
             Rectangle GetHitbox() {return *m_Hitbox;}

             void SetSprite(EntityType type);
             void SetScore(int value) {m_Score = value;}
             void SetX(int value) {m_X = value;}
             void SetY(int value) {m_Y = value;}
             void SetHitbox(EntityType type);


#include "Entity.h"

void Entity::SetSprite(EntityType type)
 if (type == FACE)
    m_Sprite = load_bitmap("face.bmp", NULL);
 else if (type == POOP)
    m_Sprite = load_bitmap("poop.bmp", NULL);

void Entity::SetHitbox(EntityType type)
 if (type == FACE)
  GetHitbox().x = m_X;
  GetHitbox().y = m_Y;
  GetHitbox().w = m_X + 32;
  GetHitbox().h = m_Y + 32;
else if (type == POOP)
  GetHitbox().x = m_X;
  GetHitbox().y = m_Y;
  GetHitbox().w = m_X + 16;
  GetHitbox().h = m_Y + 16;
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Destructor or constructor? – Kiril Kirov Feb 27 '14 at 14:30
Post the exact error message, please. – metal Feb 27 '14 at 14:30
The constructor implementation is indeed missing. – cli_hlt Feb 27 '14 at 14:32
We DONOT see the definition of destroy_bitmap. – Charlie Feb 27 '14 at 14:43
The exact error is: [Linker Error] undefined reference to `Entity::~Entity()' – Agent Baron Feb 27 '14 at 14:48

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