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<form name="myform">
  Select Color : <input type="color" onClick="Color()">

<textarea name="myTextArea" id="myTextArea" cols="100" rows="14" placeholder="Enter Text Here ..."></textarea>


function Color() {
    document.getElementById("myTextArea").style.color = ''; 

What am I doing wrong here?

In this same way, how would I set a specific font(family-font) to a particular word in the text area.

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For input type color it makes sense to use onchange event. It will work as you need:

<input type="color" onchange="Color(this)">


function Color(obj) {
    document.getElementById("myTextArea").style.color = obj.value;

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/xRBLT/

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Use onkeyup instead of onclick.


<form name="myform">
    Select Color : <input type="color" onkeydown="Color(this.value)">
<textarea name="myTextArea" id="myTextArea" cols="100" rows="14" placeholder="Enter Text Here ..."></textarea>


function Color(s){
    document.getElementById("myTextArea").style.color = s; 

Demo Fiddle

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You could do something like this to apply the selected color for text.

<input type="color" onClick="Color(this)">

function Color(cthis){
    document.getElementById("myTextArea").style.color = cthis.value 

To apply the font-famly into element textarea you could do something like this.



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Edit code in your answer to match fiddle –  Zword Feb 27 at 14:53
its happend by mistake. edited now. –  Suman Bogati Feb 27 at 14:56

Do it like this:

<input type="color" id="color"/>

With some jQuery:

var clr = $(this).val();

No OnClick or something let jQuery do the things.


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No jQuery tag on question –  Zword Feb 27 at 14:51
it looks like he is not really familiar with Javascript so jQuery would be a good option because it will take away some things like OnClick or handling with parameter –  Domi Feb 27 at 14:57
He isnt familiar with javascript so let him learn that first.this is jumping 2 steps ahead –  Zword Feb 27 at 14:59
I knw.I myself would have answered a jQuery answer if the question contained the tag.But it is hard for a beginner to understand jQuery(even simple) if he doesnt know the basic javascript –  Zword Feb 27 at 15:05
I see your point of view and yes, you are right. –  Domi Feb 27 at 15:07

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