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We have a section of code that loads a text file into a data table, and we use the DataTable's select statement to hand it a filter statement and a sort statement:

DataRow[] dataRowArray = table.Select(filterText, sortExp);

This is all loaded as strings since we are pulling it from a file. The issue we are having is that when the user sorts something that is a numeric column, they will get the string sort: 1, 11, 12 .... 2, 20, 21 ... 3, 30, 31 etc. It also impacts the filtering because things like <= 10 will only return 1 and not 2, 3, etc.

What I have done to start is write a custom IComparable type I called AlphaNumericString. Now when the sort runs, it uses that compareTo method and everything works great. But I'm not quite clear on how to get the DataSet filter to play nice with this.

Mostly I am getting errors like:

Cannot perform '=' operation on DataAccess.Source.AlphaNumericString and System.String

I have tried overloading the operands, but they never seem to get used:

public static bool operator <=(AlphaNumericString alpha, object val)
    // Compare them

Could anyone offer suggestions on how I might go about overriding the filter logic?

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What is the type of table? Is it IEnumerable<string>? –  Dan Stevens Feb 27 '14 at 14:52
It is created as DataTable newTable = new DataTable(), so unless that happens implicitly I would say not. –  user2096594 Feb 27 '14 at 14:55

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