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I have a setup where my home PC runs Windows and my work PC runs on a Mac. I'm syncing the HTDOCS folders of XAMPP/MAMP local environments with dropbox, and am trying to find a workaround to the database issue. Essentially, I want to be able to boot up my work computer and pick up where I left off at home --- and vice versa. The problem obviously comes with syncing (or replicating, rather) the MySQL databases.

Are there any security or functionality issues I should worry about if I host the databases on a live web server and reference that SINGLE database from BOTH versions of the same website? That's to say, both XAMPP/htdocs/examplesite/ and MAMP/htdocs/examplesite/ would have the same database credentials for the remote MySQL database, but the files would be hosted on BOTH respective machines locally. I use Dreamhost, so is it possible to reference the same databases located at the same mysql.website-name.com host from both locations?

What am I looking at in terms of ensuring that I get consistent functionality and that I don't corrupt my database?

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