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I'm currently trying to use Apache JMeter to record HTTP-Traffic for later playback. JMeter supports both recording an non-GUI-Mode to run Traffic/Tests, there even is a built in remote-control-mode to use a single GUI-Client with multiple jmeter-servers.

The JMeter-Proxy has to run on an ubuntu-Server in our case, so i can't use the default-mode with GUI (well technically i could, by using X-Forwarding, but thats a pretty uggly hack and i would lose any possibility of scripting against that)

The RC-Mode where the local GUI controlls the jmeter-server on my Server-Machine works pretty well, but the Module "HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder" is run on the Machine running the GUI, so i can't use that either.

The non-gui-mode of jmeter on the other hand lists a bunch of options one could supply on command line (jmeter -n and jmeter -h gives a list and short explanations). Recording traffic isn't mentioned there at all.

I would like to know if and how it's possible to use JMeter this way (recording traffic without GUI) or if X-Forwarding is really the only chance left.

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What is it you're trying to record? Are the requests coming from a browser or something else? Never mind, I see in your comments below you need to be able to record non browser traffic. – Ophir Prusak Feb 28 '14 at 14:48

Yes, of course, you can do it with plugin for Chrome browser - BlazeMeter Chrome Extension. It allows you to record JMeter script without running JMeter

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this doesn't work for multiple reasons... a) Blazemeter integrates into the JMeter-GUI, so we keep the same Problem b) Blazemeter doesn't keep the recorded Data on our Server c) Blazemeter isn't a proxy, we can't restrict use to Chrome (ord $other_browser), but we need to record wget-requests and the likes too – Dr. Azrael Tod Feb 28 '14 at 8:17

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