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Please see this Expression Language

styleClass="#{obj.validationErrorMap eq null ? ' ' :  

Even if the map is null, highlight_row style is getting applied.

So I changed to

styleClass="#{empty obj.validationErrorMap ? ' ' :  

Even then, highlight_row is getting applied.
if the map is empty OR null I dont want any style to be applied.

Any help? and reasons for this behaviour?

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are you using the JBoss EL extension? – Bozho Feb 5 '10 at 12:56
I think Yes. jboss-el.jar is present in server\appl\lib Folder. – crazyTechie Feb 5 '10 at 13:03
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Use empty (it checks both nullness and emptiness) and group the nested ternary expression by parentheses (EL is in certain implementations/versions namely somewhat problematic with nested ternary expressions). Thus, so:

styleClass="#{empty obj.validationErrorMap ? ' ' :  
 (obj.validationErrorMap.contains('key') ? 'highlight_field' : 'highlight_row')}"

If still in vain (I would then check JBoss EL configs), use the "normal" EL approach:

styleClass="#{empty obj.validationErrorMap ? ' ' :  
 (obj.validationErrorMap['key'] ne null ? 'highlight_field' : 'highlight_row')}"

Update: as per the comments, the Map turns out to actually be a List (please work on your naming conventions). To check if a List contains an item the "normal" EL way, use JSTL fn:contains (although not explicitly documented, it works for List as well).

styleClass="#{empty obj.validationErrorMap ? ' ' :  
 (fn:contains(obj.validationErrorMap, 'key') ? 'highlight_field' : 'highlight_row')}"
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Thanks. I'll Test this. validationErrorMap is not map. My incorrect naming. Sorry. Its array list which contains list of input fields that failed validation. – crazyTechie Feb 5 '10 at 13:16
Thanks for suggestion in the update. I wanted to use a map initially. So gave that name. But later changed to list. First expression is working fine (using parentheses). Thanks a lot – crazyTechie Feb 5 '10 at 13:31

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