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I have a spreadsheet that logs incoming answered and missed calls in Google Drive. It is currently set to send an email every hour between 10am and 7pm.

Ideally I would like it to not send the email during the weekend. Setting up each hour Monday to Friday uses too many triggers.

Is there a way to construct a trigger that will send an email every hour (10am to 7pm) only Monday to Friday?

I've read the documentation at Google and a few (unrelated as it turns out) examples on here and I am stumped!

I tried putting a load of trigger conditions together:

function autoSendHourly() {

I wasn't entirely surprised that it didn't work, but I was mildly surprised that it threw up no errors.

Any help (including "you're mad it can't be done") would be greatly appreciated.

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The simplest thing to do is use the create trigger like you did but for every hour every day and then in you handler function add a small piece of code that will return if day and time don't meet specific conditions like explained in this (old) post.

the code may look like something like this :

function officeHours(){
  var nowH=new Date().getHours();
  var nowD=new Date().getDay();
  Logger.log('day : '+nowD+'   Hours : '+nowH)
  Browser.msgBox('time to work !');//normally your real function should begin here...
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I had just come to that conclusion myself. I made the mistake of just fixating on trying to use triggers rather than doing the sensible thing. Thanks. –  ItIsIan Feb 27 at 16:04

I haven't messed around with java in awhile but this article might help.

Android: how to get the current day of the week (Monday, etc...) in user language?

If it was me, I would get the day of the week and check it in a switch. Then if it matches a week day call a function to check the time between 10am and 7pm.

Best of luck.

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