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App Services is a great place to store data but now that I have a lot of critial info in there I realized there isn't a way to create a backup or roll back to an earlier state (in case I did something stupid like -X DELETE /users)

Any way to back up this data either online or offline?

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Would be nice to know if you can do this and include user accounts / encrypted passwords too :) –  remus Feb 27 at 16:14

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Apart from API access to fetch records x by x and storing locally, there is no solution at the moment. Team is planning an S3 integration (export data to S3) but no completion date is defined for that yet.

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Problem with a scripted download (aside from speed when dealing with large collections) is that I have no way to back up my /users because I don't get their passwords. –  Michael Bissell Feb 27 at 20:54

Looks like the only way is to query the data using e.g. CURL and save the results to a local file. I dont believe there is a way to export natively.


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