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I met a problem with Rmd.

The following code works well in R. However, when I try to make a rmd file with the same code. I am not able to read these 4 csv files.

Also, there's no figure in the folder. No clue with the cannot open file figure....

setwd("//anlnhms0003/TDDMOLBIO$/Biostatistics/3159-CUL EBV/working file from       Sapphire/Read vile into R/mixed effect model with spatial autocorrelation/rearrange_file8")
file_list <- list.files()
## [1] 4
dataset <- do.call("rbind", lapply(file_list, FUN = function(files) {
## Warning: cannot open file 'figure': Permission denied
## Error: cannot open the connection
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You have a pretty long working dir, which also contains spaces. Does the error reproduce for something simple like ~/tmp/? –  tonytonov Feb 27 at 15:56

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