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I have a function fnAvg that produces a float, that I want to show, which works up until I try to format it using printf. I'm looking to get 1dp, and looking around I use "%.1f" and printf to get there:

show ( printf "%.1f" fnAvg film)

I get no instance for (PrintFArg Film).

I've tried moving brackets around, or making it show (printf "%.1f" (fnAvg Film)) but this leads to getting no instance errors for show as well. Have I made a mistake or is it a simple formatting issue?


The reason for the show is that it's part of a bigger list:

[... ++ printf "%.1f" (show (fnAvg film)) ]

I came up with the above syntax, but it outputs a PrintF.printf bad argument error.

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A thought, do I use printf on the outside instead of show? –  Chillo Feb 27 at 17:50
I don't think there's any need for show here. –  shelf Feb 27 at 17:50
It's part of a bigger function, it's in a list thats being put together so it needs string values. –  Chillo Feb 27 at 17:51
@Chillo, can you please post minimal reproducible example? This will help us to help you. –  max taldykin Feb 27 at 17:55
Your example looks good except the show, have you tried without that. –  Guvante Feb 27 at 17:55

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Your original version had an extraneous show and was passing fnArg and film as two separate parameters to printf. printf has a weird system to support variable arguments so that is why you got an odd error.

Your second version tried to show the float, which results in passing a variable of type String into a 0.1f format, which does not work either.

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Thanks for the explanation! –  Chillo Feb 27 at 18:02

printf is expecting one argument, but you've given it two. Also, show is not necessary here.

Perhaps you want printf "%.1f" (fnAvg film)?

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this is not the reason for no instance for PrintFArg Film like error –  max taldykin Feb 27 at 17:52
Thanks, resolved it now. Film is the argument for fnAvg. –  Chillo Feb 27 at 17:58
Yeah, sorry about the wonky initial answer - it was clear once the additional context was provided! –  shelf Feb 27 at 17:59

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