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I have a Rails 4 app which serves different content to mobile devices using the rack-mobile-detect gem. I would like to use Rack::Cache to cache responses. By default Rack::Cache does not distinguish between mobile and non-mobile requests (mobile requests include a X_MOBILE_DEVICE header) How do I modify Rack to store these requests separately, or is there a better way to go about dealing with this issue? Thanks in advance for any help or clues.


The following code in production.rb seems to be working. Don't ask me how:

  config.action_dispatch.rack_cache = {
    :metastore    => client,
    :entitystore  => client,
    :verbose      => true,
    :cache_key    => lambda { |request|
      Rack::Cache::Key.call(request) + ":X_MOBILE_DEVICE"
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Perhaps Page, Actiong, or even Fragment caching? –  omarvelous Feb 27 at 20:28

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