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I want to validate a string through a regular expression. The validation is : Every characters are valid but the string can not contain only the hyphen character or just white spaces. For example

'-' -> NOT OK
' ' -> NOT OK
'--' -> OK
'-prwe'-> OK
'p u' -> OK

I am trying this regexp : [^([^-]|[^\s])] But it gives me an error saying "Unbalanced parenthesis" If I just use ^([^-]|[^\s]) the regexp is valid but this way I am not negating the capturing group, in this case the ^ sign means "Start of string". My idea in pseudo regexp is this -> NOT((NOT '-')|(NOT '\s'))

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[] is character class, not group. [^..] is negation of character class. Also you can't use groups inside character class. –  Pshemo Feb 27 at 18:06

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@aliteralmind's answer is great for checking to see if they screwed up. If you want to do additional parsing in the same step, you'll need negative lookahead, e.g. ^(?!(?:-|\s*)$).*.

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Check for this, and tell the user they messed up if it matches:

^(-| +)$

Or you can just check the trimmed string, if it equals a single dash:

if(input.trim().equals("-"))  {
   throw  new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot be a single dash or only spaces");
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But how can i negate the above regular expression "^(-| +)$" ? –  tt0686 Feb 27 at 18:19
Negate it with the if: if(Pattern.compile("^(-| +)$").matcher(input).matches()) { throw error... –  aliteralmind Feb 27 at 18:21
@tto686: Honestly, I'd recommend using the non-regex check. It's clearer and more concise. –  aliteralmind Feb 27 at 18:22
Your question tagged Java. So how is Java "another language"? Why do you have to negate this in regex, if you're using it in the context of Java? Negating this regex is moderately complicated, so why not use Java? –  aliteralmind Feb 27 at 18:28
Sorry for the unaccepted answer but i have to accept the answer that fix the problem,probably i was not totally clear when asking the question but in the start of the question i explicitly wrote "I want to validate a string through a regular expression.". Anyway i am very thankfully by all the answers and your availability. –  tt0686 Feb 28 at 9:37

There are lot of ways you can do this.

1) .{2,} : any characters more than once

2) ^[\-\s]$ : it means space or hyphen. So check for not(!) in if condition.

3) if string.equals("-") or string.equals(" "). Only if these two characters in consideration!

4) can't think of it, but lot mores available!

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