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I have one word document which uses a Postscript Hindi Font. When I am trying to store in nvarchar(max) column (using mssql 2008), it's getting stored as ....(dots).

But If I take a Hindi language content based on True type font, this column is able to store exact sentence Hindi sentence without any problem.

Could you please help me out with this problem ? I have lots of data that is written in Postscript font and I want to store it in a db.

Thank You.

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Is the source is word document in both the cases??? –  Vikas Hardia Feb 27 at 18:42
yea..both are in two different doc files. One using Postscript (AAText) and another using True type font (Kruti Dev) –  user2722938 Feb 27 at 18:56
Try this convert the content to uncode then it will work. A it am more of db guy so can help you with that part only –  Vikas Hardia Feb 27 at 18:59
If I paste the content of PS doc, it gets paste as . This is when converted into unicode, It does not give me the output which can be stored as Hindi finally in db. –  user2722938 Feb 27 at 19:15
Seems like I am not able to help then :( –  Vikas Hardia Feb 27 at 19:17

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