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When I try to open Visio documents uploaded to my SharePoint site, I get "the server failed to process the request" error. Any help is appreciated!

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Here are the steps that I followed that fixed the issue:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration on SharePoint server.
  2. Manage service applications (under Application Management).
  3. Select Visio Graphics Service -> Properties
  4. Check what Application Pool is used (SharePoint Web Services Default in my case).
  5. Open IIS -> Application Pools.
  6. Visio App Pool is usually represented by a GUID name. To get the name:

    • Open SharePoint Management Shell (run as administrator)
    • Run command: Get-SPServiceApplicationPool | Select Id, Name
    • Find Id of App Pool (from step 4)
    • Find the same id in IIS under Name column and check the value in Identity column
  7. Remote to the sql server
  8. Open Sql Server Management Studio -> Connect
  9. Expand the databases that stores your SharePoint content -> Security -> Users
  10. Right click user name obtained in step 6d -> Properties
  11. In Owned Schema and Membership check db_owner
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In our situation, there were errors in event log on the app and WFEs for a bunch of services including the Visio graphic service:

 System.IO.FileLoadException: Loading this assembly would produce a different grant set from other instances

I went in to the Visio Graphics Service Settings > Global Settings and looked at the value in the Unattended Service Account, meaning it was registered with the secure store service. I went in to the secure store service and got the following error:

Cannot complete this action as the Secure Store Shared Service is not responding. Please contact your administrator

Recycling IIS on our app server resolved both the issues, so obviously the services having problems were a result of the secure store service being down.

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