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I am looking for a simple linux program that will allow my keyboard to press a key for few seconds and then another one for few other seconds.

Thank you.

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This question is off-topic, but what you're looking for is xdotool. –  Tim Cooper Feb 27 at 19:10

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Check out xdotool, which lets you simulate keyboard input.

sudo apt-get install xdotool  

for i in `seq 0 9`;
  xdotool key $i


To simulate a pressing a key for six seconds in Bash, then simulate pressing a different one for a further six seconds will be painful.

Therefore, I would use Ruby (you might have to install this from the repositories).

ruby -e 't = Time.new.to_i; key = "a"; while true do `xdotool key #{key}`; key = "b" if Time.new.to_i > t + 6; break if Time.new.to_i > t + 12; end'

If you run this from the command line it will simulate pressing key "a" for six seconds, after which it'll simulate a pressing key "b" for a further six.

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Thank you, this is exatly what i was looking for. How to press a key for few second, i don't mean press it few times but let it be pressed for 6 seconds and then another key for 6 other seconds ? –  Babajaga Feb 27 at 19:36
@Babajaga I updated my answer. –  Jack Zelig Feb 27 at 20:28
I have somme lag issues but it works, the button is not fluent but it is ok. –  Babajaga Feb 27 at 20:45

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