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Given the property declaration below, does method (A) work in exactly the same way as method (B)? I just want to check that self.yellowViewController = yellcon_New; is going via my setter, so that the old objects gets released and the new one retained.

@property(nonatomic, retain) YellowViewController *yellowViewController;

self.yellowViewController = yellcon_New;

[self setYellowViewController:yellcon_New];
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All of this is correct :

self.yellowViewController = yellcon_New;


[self setYellowViewController:yellcon_New];

Work the same. I would like to add something interesting : when you use

yellowViewController = yellcon_New;

you associate directly the value to the ivar, without going through your setter methode.

So if you have

    NSLog(@"Setting the yellow view controller");
    [yourWife askFor:beer];
    ...set the yellowViewController (retain in your case)


self.yellowViewController = yellcon_New;


[self setYellowViewController:yellcon_New];

will use the setter method (and log the message, and make your wife bring you some beer)


yellowViewController = yellcon_New;

will not.

It's interesting to know this in some cases.

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Yes, A and B lines work the same

You can check that by using @dynamic instead of @synthesize for this property and put NSLog message in you implementation of setter method.

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No need for @dynamic. If you implement a setter method, the compiler won't generate a setter. – bbum Feb 5 '10 at 16:11
...which is important, because you can use this to still generate the getter if you need a custom setter, or vice-versa. It's also good for adding logging to one of the accessors quickly for debugging purposes, without changing too much of your code. – andyvn22 Feb 6 '10 at 15:02

Yes. If you're using the @synthesize thing for that property, it's creating a -setYellowViewController: method for you.

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