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The design pattern for spawning web server workers seems to be that they are started by root in an init script and then spawn a process as an unprivileged user. For example, I start a gunicorn web server daemon in an init script like this:



gunicorn -u nobody -b \
    --error-logfile=$LOGFILE --pidfile=$PIDFILE -D

I can spawn my own scripts as an unprivileged user (see this question), but that process can no longer write log files to /var/log.

How do I enable a worker spawned by a root process to write log files to /var/log and PID files to /var/run?

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By creating a folder for your process inside the /var/log and /var/run folders, you can change the owner and group from within the init script (as it's ran by root), so the process will have write access to it. For /var/log, it is enough to create the folder once, but the /var/run folder will have to be recreated on every system restart. This is how I solved it (for simplicity I recreate here both folders):


mkdir -p $DAEMON_PID_DIR
mkdir -p $DAEMON_LOG_DIR

gunicorn -u nobody -b \
    --error-logfile=$LOGFILE --pidfile=$PIDFILE -D
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