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I'm trying to open the solution from the image-comments project that I pulled from Github. I get an error that the two .csproj files can't be opened. When I try to open them directly, I get the same error, plus the error that this project type is not supported. However, I can create a C# project in my version of VS (2010 Pro, with MS Visual C# 2010 showing as installed in the help dialog) and can open the csproj files I've created.

Other posts have made reference to finding missing versions of MVC, but I find no reference to this in the csproj (though I'm not positive I'm looking for the right thing.) Also, the pre-compiled version works, which suggests I've got most of the right stuff installed on my machine. The product version in the csproj is 10.0.xxxx, and I'm running up-to-date V10.

So, what do I look for next?

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Do you have the full version of VS2010 or an Express edition? –  Will Eddins Feb 27 at 19:14
It is an extensibility project. You'll need to have the VS2010 SDK installed. Download is here. –  Hans Passant Feb 27 at 19:24
@HansPassant - that solved it. However, the link you provided is to the pre-SP1 edition, which won't install and gives a useless message that a prerequisite is missing. The SP1 version is here –  Llaves Feb 27 at 20:05
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