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Okay, so I have a controller with it's model set to the following:

App.MyModel = DS.Model.extend({
    myOtherProperty: attr(),
    mySortKey: attr(),
    mySubCollection: function () {
        return this.store.filter('MyOtherModel', function (myOtherModel) {
            //Some basic filtering logic (it's actually more complex than this)
            return myOtherModel.get('someProperty') == this.get('myOtherProperty');

The actual filter function isn't important - what is important is that the 'mySubCollection' computed property returns a DS.PromiseArray object. The controller for the above model is of type 'Ember.ObjectController' as it is only displaying a single object.

The template that displays this property uses an {{each}} helper to do so:


{{#each mySubCollection}}
    {{view App.MyView}}

Now - I need to sort this promise array by the 'mySortKey' property in descending order. How can I do this? The documentation says that DS.PromiseArray extends from Ember.Array, but adding 'sortBy('mySortKey:desc')' at the end of the computed property for 'mySubCollection' causes it to break and not work at all - which makes sense because I would be calling 'sortBy' on a promise not an array.

I've looked at a bunch of different ideas and the one that keeps coming up is to switch to using an ArrayController. I can do that, but it isn't ideal as it's adding a bunch of complexity on top of a pretty simple setup that works great already (aside from sorting).

Any thoughts?

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I haven't been quite able to figure out why sortBy doesn't work on the PromiseArray. But here's what I use as a workaround:

sortedCollection: function() {
    return Em.ArrayProxy.createWithMixins(Em.SortableMixin, {
        content: this.get('mySubCollection'),
        sortProperties: [this.get('mySortKey')],
        sortAscending: false
}.property('mySubCollection', 'mySortKey')
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I like this idea, and that's a nice way of showing mixins...thanks! I'll give this a try and if it works I'll give you the answer –  Robert Petz Feb 27 '14 at 21:07
works like a charm - thanks! –  Robert Petz Feb 27 '14 at 21:21
is this still the known way of doing things? –  Anthony Dec 4 '14 at 15:03
@Anthony Whether or not it's the best way of doing things, I don't know. But I know it still works and I still do it occasionally. –  GJK Dec 4 '14 at 20:14

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