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So I have a dateTimePicker which is labeled as pickUpTime.

DateTime pickUpTime = dateTimePicker1.Value.Date.AddHours(pickUpTimePicker.Value.Hour);

Which lets the user select a date and time and assigns it to pickUpTime.

I am trying to write a statement that will execute and add an extra charge if the pickUpTime is in between a range of times. Say 00:00 and 06:59 or 18:00 and 23:59.

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You can verify the TimeOfDay of one DateTime is between two TimeSpans:

TimeSpan lowerTime = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0);
TimeSpan upperTime = new TimeSpan(6, 59, 0);
bool result = pickUpTime.TimeOfDay >= lowerTime
    && pickUpTime <= upperTime;
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Thanks! This is similar to what I was trying last night except when I tried to compare the pickUpTime to the lowerTime I left out pickUpTime.TimeOfDay and just tried pickUpTime. –  Mattski357 Feb 27 '14 at 19:24

You should make use of ticks

if (targetDt.Ticks > d1.Ticks && targetDt.Ticks < d2.Ticks)
    // targetDt is in between d1 and d2

where d1 and d2 are your specified times

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