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I'd like to read a variable number of integers in an array until the user hits Enter. I have managed to achieve this by doing the following:

printf("Give the numbers in the array, then hit ENTER: \n");
scanf("%d", &array[i]);

while (scanf(line, "%d", &array[i++])== 1) {
    scanf("%d", &array[i]);

On the other hand, I found this on a website and I don't fully understand the scanf test. It works in that the reading stops when I hit enter. However, the number of integers read ends up being equal to one regardless (checked that by adding a printf instruction). Why is that? How else could I do the same?

Note: the variable i is set as 0 in the beginning, as is no_elements; line is declared as char line[20].

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There are many problems with that code, for example you reading input twice in the loop. –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 27 at 20:36
I thought I could use the first scanf just as a condition, to check whether or not the user has been adding integers only (?) What would a good option for doing that be? –  user112926 Feb 27 at 20:39
To only use that scanf to both read and check. Skip the first call outside the loop, as well as the one inside the loop body. –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 27 at 20:42
Thank you. I'm kind of a noob, though. The number of integers no_elements is 0 after the loop now. I'm not sure it even enters the while loop. –  user112926 Feb 27 at 20:49

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#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    int i=0, no_elements = 0;
    int array[16];

        char line[32];
        int n;
        printf("Give the numbers in the array, then hit ENTER: \n");
        fgets(line, sizeof(line), stdin);
        if(*line == '\n')
        if(1==sscanf(line, "%d", &n))
    printf("%d\n", no_elements);
    return 0;
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+1 Good example to encourage fgets() instead of scanf(). –  chux Feb 27 at 23:59

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