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I have a setup that looks something like this:

class MyFragment implements SomeEventListener {

    Application mAppContext;    

    boolean mBound;
    boolean mDidCallUnbind;
    MyIBinder mBinder;
    ServiceConnection mConnection = new ServiceConnection() {
        public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName name, IBinder service) {
            mBound = true;
            mBinder = (MyIBinder) service;

        public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName name) {
            mDidCallUnbind = false;
            mBound = false;
            mBinder = null;


    public void onSomeEvent() {

    void unbindService() {
        if (mBound && !mDidCallUnbind) {
            mDidCallUnbind = true;

    public void onPause() {

However, I am still seeing the error in the title from time to time: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service not registered being generated when unbindService() is called. Am I missing something silly, or is there more going on? I should note that there may be more than one of this same fragment in existence.


Since no one actually seems to be reading the code, let me explain. unbindService() does not call Context.unbindService(ServiceConnection) unless the service is bound (mBound) and it had not previously been called before the onServiceDisconnected(...) callback was hit from a possible previous call to unbindService().

That in mind, are there any cases where Android will unbind your service for you such that the service would become unbound but onServiceDisconnected would not be called thus leaving me in a stale state?

Also, I am using my Application context to do the initial binding. Assume something like:

public void onCreate() {
    mApplication = getContext().getApplicationContext();
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If onSomeEvent() never happens before onPause() then your service is not bound. –  Justin Jasmann Feb 27 at 20:48
@JustinJasmann clearly. Did you read my code? –  dcow Feb 27 at 22:01
Yes. You haven't shown where you initialize mAppContext, which context are you using? –  Justin Jasmann Feb 27 at 22:12
@JustinJasmann the application context. mAppContext is of type Application. –  dcow Feb 27 at 22:18

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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service not registered means that you wasn't bound to service during unbindService() call.

so in your case, onSomeEvent() was never called before call to unbindService() in onPause()

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Thanks for the answer but please explain how the call to Context.unbindService(ServiceConnection); in my code can be hit. –  dcow Feb 27 at 21:22
I have the exact same issue with my application. Every now and then I get IllegalArgumentException. –  slott Jun 28 at 17:39

I have the exact same issue with my application. Every now and then I get IllegalArgumentException. I guess the special case is caused when the service is unbound and the onPause is called before onServiceDisconnected. So I would try Synchronized things to ensure correct execution.

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But aren't these all called on the same thread? Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking that. –  dcow Jul 14 at 17:24

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