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I was wondering if anyone might have some experience with this:

I updated Active Admin (and four dependencies), and now the stylesheets aren't loading properly in the app, (broken on my machine and on staging)

Here's the list of gems (versions) with brief explanations

Installing activeadmin (0.6.3)
Installing kaminari (0.15.1)
Installing has_scope (0.6.0.rc)
Installing responders (1.0.0)
Installing inherited_resources (1.4.1)

Removing activeadmin (0.6.0) administration framework for Ruby on Rails
Removing kaminari (0.14.1)   paginator for frameworks and orms
Removing has_scope (0.5.1)   create controller folters based on your resources named scopes
Removing responders (0.9.3)  a set of responders to dry rails 3.2+
Removing inherited_resources (1.4.0)  make controllers inherit all restful actions

The offending commit only edited Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. Thanks for any help.

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Maybe you need to run a rake assets:precompile? –  Brian Feb 27 at 21:08
Where is the styles broken? in ActiveAdmin or your App? –  Andrew Wei Feb 27 at 22:18

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Try precompiling the assests with the following command. rake asset:precompile

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