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I am trying to choose a date using Selenium Webdriver. On the page is a text field and then a button to its right. If I click the button, a popup will prompt me to choose a month and a day of the month. I would like to avoid clicking that button entirely. I know the date and it would be nice to just send in the date.

<input id="ctl00_nav_pnl1_ctl00_txtRangeStart" class="hasDatepicker" type="text" style="width:80%;" onkeyup="javascript:DateTime_Keyup(event,'ctl00_nav_pnl1_ctl00_txtRangeStart','dd/MM/yyyy')" onkeypress="javascript:return DateTime_Mask_Keypress(event,'ctl00_nav_pnl1_ctl00_txtRangeStart')" onclick="javascript:DateTime_Mask_Show('ctl00_nav_pnl1_ctl00_txtRangeStart','DD/MM/YYYY')" autocomplete="Off" name="ctl00$nav$pnl1$ctl00$txtRangeStart">

<img class="ui-datepicker-trigger" src="/App_Themes/Default/images/calendar_1.png" alt="..." title="...">

So I try to populate the field with a date like this:

startdate = '23022014'
startdate_filter = browser.find_element(:id, 'ctl00_nav_pnl8_ctl00_txtRangeStart')

But my date value always gets replaced by today's date, and when I move the focus on to another element, the value disappears completely, leaving the field empty.

I suspect I need to click the button and click the dates, but I am early in my learning curve.

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