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I'm creating a rails app and I can't figure out or find answer for this problem.

What is the route for:

@example = Example.find_by_notId(params[:notId])

I want my route to look better then /example/1 and would rather have it read /notId (where notId would be title or some other non-ID int). Normally I would use show_path but in my html <%= link_to image_tag(pic), show_path(example) %> doesn't work. Here is my code and it works when I hard code it into the URL (localhost:3000/notId) but I need a way to route it through a link. Any ideas?


def show
   @example = Example.find_by_title(params[:title])


match '/:notId', to: 'example#show', via: 'get'


<div class="example">
 <% Movie.all.each do |example| %>
  <%pic = example.title + ".jpg"%>
  <%= link_to image_tag(pic), show_path(example) %>
 <% end %>
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You probably need to override the :id param in your routes:

resources :examples, param: :title

This will generate routes like:


Then in your views:


Alternatively, you can change the method to_param(used for building urls) in your model:

class Example < ActiveRecord::Base
  def to_param

This allows you to keep using example_path(example) (without .title)

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Thanks that worked, I just had to change my html to example_path(example.title) –  tzamzow Feb 27 '14 at 22:56
Right, I'll edit the answer with this point. –  markets Feb 27 '14 at 23:04

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