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We do some third party API stuff on ip_logs in a delayed job, all of which is in an after_save:

class IpLog < ActiveRecord::Base
  after_save :process_request
  def process_request
    # stuff that doesn't need to be delayed
    self.delay.process_request_delayed(remote_ip, request_data)
  def process_request_delayed(remote_ip, data)
    # third party API stuff

Today I added one line of code to process_request_delayed, to be run after I get the results of the API call:

def process_request_delayed(remote_ip, data)
  # third party API stuff

I also added a virtual attribute to the IpLog model:

class IpLog < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessor :new_user

Then I got Jobs cannot be created for records before they\'ve been persisted errors from delayed_job. After many print statements, I drilled it down to this line:

self.delay.process_request_delayed(remote_ip, request_data)

It doesn't enter process_request_delayed at all.

I dug into delayed_job's source and found that this error happens in this context:

if object.respond_to?(:new_record?) && object.new_record?
  raise(ArgumentError, "Jobs cannot be created for records before they\'ve been persisted")

Since process_request_delayed runs in an after_save, I think the ip_log object has to not be new_record?. But I checked anyway, and I got this baffling screenshot:

enter image description here

(sorry about the blackouts; I'm not allowed to reveal business logic)

I further drilled down the offending code to this line in UsersController:

  @ip_log = IpLog.new()
  @ip_log.new_user = true // take this line out and all is well

So, why do you think this is? We use Rails 3.2.17 and delayed_job_active_record (0.3.3).

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if you changed your business logic, it's probably something you changed... –  phoet Feb 28 at 2:48
That does not make my question less valid. Just because I know what changed, doesn't explain why an object is and is not a new record at the same time. Nor does it help me write the logic I want without breaking the app. Your downvote is not warranted. –  kitkat Feb 28 at 3:45
My advice is to never pass objects to delayed_job but rather ids of these objects. Then, inside the delayed method, pull the object back from the database. Check my answer here: stackoverflow.com/a/21751030/226255 –  Abdo Feb 28 at 9:12
I believe that is because you are calling the DelayedJob in after_save and that means the record isn't committed to db yet hence when delayed_job called new_record? it return true and hence the error –  Viren Mar 7 at 6:01
@Viren isn't the definition of after_save "after committing to database"? Or am I misunderstanding after_save? –  kitkat Mar 7 at 16:17

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