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If the secound if condition is true, I want to resume playing Music from standart music player. I tried everything possible in my opinion. I tried on emulator with android 4.3 and 2.3.3.

I tried take help from and from 50 other sites:

Stop the music app to play music Control the default music player of android or any other music player http://android.codota.com/scenarios/527f77a6da0af463bf4e3194/android.media.AudioManager?tag=antelope#

public static final String SERVICECMD = "com.android.music.musicservicecommand";
public static final String CMDNAME = "command";
public static final String CMDPAUSE = "pause";
public static final String CMDPLAY = "play";
public static final String CMDTOGGLEPAUSE = "togglepause";

final CheckBox checkBox = (CheckBox) findViewById(R.id.checkBox1);
     if (checkBox.isChecked()) {

         AudioManager mAudioManager =                                  

            if(mAudioManager.isMusicActive() && 3 > x) { 
            Intent i = new Intent(SERVICECMD);  
            i.putExtra(CMDNAME , CMDTOGGLEPAUSE );  // Pause works.

        else if (mAudioManager.isMusicActive() && 3 < x){
                Intent i = new Intent(SERVICECMD); 
                i.putExtra(CMDNAME , CMDPLAY ); // Play doesn't work.

Don't got any premissions yet and dont know if i need some.

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