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I have an application that lists files, and I allow the user to right-click on a file and my application shows the Windows context menu for the selected file.

I use SHParseDisplayName to get a pidl for a filename. Then I bind to the parent object:

IntPtr pidlLast = IntPtr.Zero;
SHBindToParent(pidl, typeof(IShellFolder).GUID, out oShellFolder, out pidlLast);

After I have the parent I can get build the context menu:

IntPtr result = IntPtr.Zero;
IShellFolder shellFolder = (IShellFolder)oShellFolder;
shellFolder.GetUIObjectOf(windowHandle, (uint)pidls.Count, 
        pidls.ToArray(), typeof(IContextMenu).GUID, 0, out result);

This works perfectly for 1 item or for items with the same parent, but how do I display a context menu for items with different parents?

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Has anyone every tried to do this before? I can do it as long as the items share the same parent, but how do you invoke a menu with different parent objects? – Jon Tackabury Feb 9 '10 at 18:35
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For future reference, apparently you can use CDefFolderMenu_Create2 to create a context menu for multiple shell items. You can find some excellent information here:

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