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I am using state_machine with rails to handle state on some active record models and testing them with rspec and factory girl. I also have a serialized array property called state_path that keeps track of the state history.

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
  serialize :state_path, Array

  def initialize(*)
    state_path << state_name

  state_machine :state, :initial => :draft do
    after_transition do |project, transition|
      project.state_path << transition.to_name

    event :do_work do
      transition :draft => :complete, :if => :tps_has_cover_page?

    state :draft do
      # ...

    state :complete do
      # ...

    def tps_has_cover_page?
      # ...

Now, to test that the after_transition hook is properly populating the state_path property, I stub out the tps_has_cover_page? transition condition method, because I don't care about that functionality in this test, and also it is integrated with other models (tps report model perhaps?)

it "should store the state path" do
  allow_any_instance_of(Project).to receive(:tps_has_cover_page?).and_return(true)

  project = create(:project)

  expect(project.state_path).to eq([:draft, :complete])

However, the transition condition method name could change, or more conditions could be added, which I'm not really concerned with in this test (obviously, since I'm stubbing it).

Question: is there a way to dynamically collect all of the transition condition methods on a state machine? To then be able to build a macro that stubs out all of the condition methods?

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transition_conditions = state_machine.events.map(&:branches).flatten.flat_map(&:if_condition)
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I have to flatten the branches before I can do the final flat map because the branches themselves are wrapped in arrays. Project.state_machine.events.map(&:branches).flatten.flat_map(&:if_condition) otherwise works great! Thanks for the answer, can you confirm the flatten? I'll accept answer if so. –  ianstarz Mar 2 '14 at 2:58
running state_machine 1.2.0 btw –  ianstarz Mar 2 '14 at 2:59
also for others referencing this there are also :unless_conditions inside the branches if you need those too –  ianstarz Mar 2 '14 at 3:00
@ianstarz If this answer helped you - vote it up. If it solved your problem - accept it –  Uri Agassi Mar 2 '14 at 7:05

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