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I'm developing a WordPress site using XAMPP. I am using the html5 video tag in the header to display the video. I have the videos on the C:\ drive - not in the XAMPP installation. C:\WebVideo is the path.

I am testing in the five major browsers:

  • Firefox 27.0.1 which says "No video with supported MIME type found"
  • IE9 which just displays a big black box.
  • Chrome Version 32 displays the control bar as does Opera 17.
  • Safari 5.1.7 shows the header without a hint that video is supposed to be displayed.

So, the only clue I have is the MIME types.

I do have an .htaccess file located in the C:/xampp/htdocs/wordpress folder. This is the content of that file:

AddType video/mp4 .mp4 .m4v
AddType video/ogg .ogv
AddType video/webm .webm

I know the file is being read because when I put a bunch of nonsense in the file I get internal sever errors. When the nonsense is removed Wordpress functions correctly.

Here is the HTML I am using:

<video width="320" height="240" controls="" preload="" style="width:30%; position:absolute; float:right; ">
<source src="C:/WebVideo/my-vid.mp4"></source>
<source src="C:/WebVideo/my-vid.ogv"></source>
<source src="C:/WebVideo/my-vid.webm"></source>

The video itself is not broken it plays fine.

I've been all over the web for about 2 hours looking for some fix and come up empty handed. Anyone have any ideas?

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sidenote: position: absolute with float: right? doesn't sound logical. –  Raptor Feb 28 at 2:33
You shouldn't use local path for your video src. If you want to be accessed by WordPress (same for other websites), put it under the directory of web root, which is C:/xampp/htdocs/ in your case. –  Raptor Feb 28 at 2:36
@Shivan Hello Shivan. I got to wondering about that the minute I posted, but I didn't know quite how to fix it. So, now the videos are playing fine -- except for Safari where the video doesn't show up at all. But I guess that another issue... Thanks very much. –  user3363085 Feb 28 at 2:48
@Shivan Oh, the style I'm still working on. This is a WeaverII template and the absolute positioning was the only way I could find to get it into the header. The float: right is not doing what I thought it would do. The video shows up on the left side. But, I wanted to at least get the video showing up first. Thanks again. –  user3363085 Feb 28 at 2:51
@Shivan Shivan you are a goldmine! Now all browsers are playing the video. Thank you so very, very much! –  user3363085 Feb 28 at 3:42

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As mentioned in comment, Safari requires QuickTime to be-installed to playback video via <video> tag (Windows only).

Also, it is suggested to provide alternative video source for fallback purpose. Even better, use libraries that has Flash player fallback, such as videoJS.

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