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I'm trying to change the iframe height parameter to the same px of the page being loaded within the iframe. The page that's being loaded in the iframe is coming from another domain.

Different pages will be loaded up inside of the iframe causing the height of the iframe content to change, So I will need to grab the iframe content height and apply it to the iframe height parameter.

Here a example of what im talking about: http://jsfiddle.net/R7Yz9/3/

<div class="site"><a href="http://amazon.com/" target="_top">Amazon </a></div> <div class="site"><a href="http://cnn.com/" target="_top">Cnn </a></div> <div class="site"><a href="http://wikipedia.org/" target="_top">Wikipedia </a></div> <iframe id="source" src="http://amazon.com/" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="100%"></iframe>

$(document).ready(function() { var iframe = $( "#source" ); $( "a[target=_top]" ).click( function(){ iframe.attr( "src", this.href ); return false; }); });

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Do you use ASP or PHP? –  LGSon Feb 28 at 5:33
can ypu please tell me that are you able to put any code in container page or you want to put any third party page in your iframe src ..?? –  YashPatel Feb 28 at 7:14
PellePenna: Im looking to do this in php or jquery –  user874185 Feb 28 at 9:24
YashPatel: I want to be able to put any third party page in the iframe –  user874185 Feb 28 at 9:25

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Here is a little library that solves all the problems with sizing iFrames to their contained content.


It deals with the cross domain issue by using the post-message API, and also detects changes to the content of the iFrame in a few different ways.

Works in all modern browsers and IE8 upwards.

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Great plug-in David. –  Tony Brasunas Jun 4 at 1:14
it doesnt work for cross domains –  budamivardi Aug 27 at 7:15

May not be efficient , as i am not good with jquery , but will solve your purpose

    <script type='text/javascript'>
     $(document).ready(function() {
     var iframe = $( "#source" ); 
     $( "a[target=_top]" ).click( function(){ 
     iframe.attr( "src", this.href ); 
     return false; 

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This doesn't working for cross browser iframes –  user874185 Feb 28 at 18:13

You get an iframe's content height like this:



There might be issues with cross domain though. Here are 3 sources showing to different approaches:


How to get height of iframe cross domain

Get value of input field inside an iframe

Note: the latter show how to access a field but the principle is the same to access a body height

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Im getting this error when i user the code above "TypeError: iframe.contentWindow is undefined" –  user874185 Feb 28 at 18:22
This probably means your object doesn't exists. The iframe has to be your object, like document.getELementById("iframe_id") –  LGSon Feb 28 at 18:31

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